How to play? How to trade resources (or RSS for short)

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How to play? How to trade resources (or RSS for short)

Post  Halvir on Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:46 pm

To send resources to a another player (any player you like on the map) you need their cords. Then go to your muster point and choose march troops. Select transfer and enter the destination cords. Then choose troops to send. These will be porters, carts or wagons (or offensive troops, if you have no carts). Then on the next screen choose how much to send. You can send to both fellow alliance members and any member of an alliance we are friendly with! Receiving resources is easy...wait for it to appear!

Since the coming of the Iphone and android update, things have gotten a lot more easy. If you need rss you can just select the + in your alliance chat and select how much rss you need. Your fellow members will hopefully answer your request. It is important that you also help out your fellow alliance members. One must share for the alliance to grow strong. You shouldn't only be a taker, but also be a giver.


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