How to play? Wall might is bad might

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How to play? Wall might is bad might

Post  Halvir on Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:56 pm

So we have all heard it, but here are the stats. 1 trap is valued at 18 might and costs 150 food, 220 wood, 100 stone, and 50 ore! Building 1 militia costs exactly the same but only gives 4 might. But 100 militia will take down 150 trap with a fairly low lvl hero. One can easily take out 600 traps with 80 men with a high lvl hero. So the moral is that 18 might is killed far too easy and is not a true indication of power. Wall defenses are also only good once, troops can be used over and over again.
Note: your wall level is different, get that up high as it gives defense bonus when defending. Your wall will never decrease!


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