How to play? The use of wilds

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How to play? The use of wilds

Post  Halvir on Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:50 pm

You can conquer wilds to gain bonusses to your resource production. You have lakes and grasslands, which will improve food production, u have mountains for ore, hills for stone and woods for wood:) the lvl of the wild will determain how big the bonus is. Each lvl will give a 5% bonus. For instance: a lvl 1 wild will give you 5% extra rss production, a lvl 8 40% and lvl 10 50%. U can only have as many wilds as is the lvl of your keep. The higher the lvl of the wild, the better protected they are by goblins. Lvl 8 wilds will give you the most bang for your efforts, but lvl 10 sets you forgood. Be smart about taking them. They require a bit of an investment. Oh and the plains are for placing your second cities Very Happy


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