How to play? Who can you attack?

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How to play?      Who can you attack? Empty How to play? Who can you attack?

Post  Halvir on Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:55 pm

If it does not have a blue flag on it, it is fair game. Use your common sense and try not to piss off someone bigger than you, but don't be afraid, especially if you have a high hero. If you see a red flag on it, try to kill it, but don't be a lone wolf against bigger targets! If u decide to attack targets with serious might, communicate with your superior officers, they can provide you with advice and their blessing. Lastly, WE SHOULD NOT ATTACK OTHER PEOPLES WILDS!!, even if they are red flagged. Trust me, as soon as we attack other people's wilds, we will lose ours too. Respect this! It will save us all grief!


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