How to play? Defending your city

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How to play?        Defending your city Empty How to play? Defending your city

Post  Halvir on Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:53 pm

First off, defending your city not only means fighting but also hiding! Until your watch tower is up to level 7 you don't know what's incoming. The best defense is to not have anything worth taking! First, wall defenses are yummy treats for high heroes and people looking for troop kills. Just don't build them, it makes you a target! Next, keep your resources below protection limits. Your limit is available by clicking on your resource bar! Always make sure your troops are hidden inside your keep overview tab.

So if you decide you are stronger than the incoming force and want to defend , there are a few important steps. 1) marshal your hero by placing him in the training assignment within your great hall. This is very important! 2) move any gold and resources over protection limits out of your city (preferably to the bank). This does 2 things, saves the resources and protects your carts or wagons while the attack is there in case you lose. 3) unhide your troops in the keep overview tab, but only seconds before the attack arrives, and then hide them immediately after. Often small incoming attacks are a trick to get you to unhide and a larger force speeds in and kills you. Be smart and cautious with your little people, they take a while to rebuild.


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