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Post  LordRamy on Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:48 pm

Hot And Bothered Coords :

5.171 Thindrake 105K mights
82.4 Kimmier 182K mights
48.714 Lordbard 202K mights
107.3 Sodam 54K mights
154.259 Pros 146K mights
155.477 Justin 91K mights
231.783 Tutor 636 mights
223.126 Sykes 126Kmights
546.142 LordLady 19K mights
550.779 Elven 12K mights
550.782 Elven 12K mights
574.752 Fint 8K mights
626.121 Bobby 60K mights
657.312 Mindoro 161K mights
704.305 Tomiez 6K mights
746.548 Buttloogies 98K mights
754.505 Jg9 196K mights
756.552 Battle Axe 598K mights (please Save this to Lady she will take care of him !! lol)
774.307 Richard 78K mights
777.308 Redferret 46K mights
793.613 Mfmwcl 102K mights

keep it up Mates !! waiting from you all NEW HAB COORDS !!! Good Luck And thank you Deputy War Chief "RAMY"


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