What to do if your wilds are being targeted!? (in honour of Themightyastlan) and tactical wild placement.

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What to do if your wilds are being targeted!? (in honour of Themightyastlan) and tactical wild placement.

Post  Halvir on Wed Mar 20, 2013 8:31 am

Recently we have been the target of the cowardly attacks from Wild fire. They use cowardly tactics and Flip them, which is really annoying.

So you might find yourself in a problematic situation in which your wilds are being targeted. Soo.... How should you handle a situation like this?... Drop them, and let the goblins do the fighting for you!! Wait, there is more to it, this should not be your first response. You want to be sure that they are going to flip them by force if necessary. In that case you WILL lose them and have to face the fact:( But you wont give them away for free;) You'll make sure the attacker pays in blood.

Defending wilds:
Your first reaction would probably be to reinforce them if they are attacked. You should indeed do this IF they are attacked by carts or very small amounts of troops (you want to be able to count those on your two hands:P). Reinforce with about 3,3k of each T1 troop (a total of about 10k). This will probably result in a large followup attack to smash your reinforcements (lets hope 50/70k). At that point, there is no turning back for the attacker, and you'll have to say good bye to your faithfull wild. Now you will abandon the wild and see how the might of you foe drops by the nice goblin surprise that you left for him/her. If things calm down and you are no longer being targeted you can think about conquering wilds again...

Qonquering wilds with a snuff of tactic:
If you want to conquer wilds, you should conquer them far from your location... lets say 45 mins or 1 hour and 15 mins. I know the waiting is a pain, but it will be very hard for your enemies to find them and they will be quite safe. The downside is that they will also be hard to defend. Ohh.. and you might want to look for some inactive players who have some wilds scatered across the map. Ask fellow members about their locations.

Using the wild tactic in a offensive way (idea from our regent Malumi):
While we as an alliance do not condone the attacking and/or flipping of wilds (from active players), there are some exeptions. Being provoked and Wildfire are some of those exeptions. You'll have to communicate about this with one of your superiors:)

You can use the method from above in a offensive way. First you attack an enemy's wild with some troops, lets say 9/15k t1 in total. You don't drop it yet. You will do this when your target takes the bait. When he is about to retake the wild, you drop it and let him fight some nice and friendly goblins:)

All of this will result in inflicted might loss on your enemies, but will spare all your troops in the proces. An epic tactic I would say Very Happy
Hope it helps

gr halvir


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