Growing strong is possible with one city and troop decay is none existant (By Justme)

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Growing strong is possible with one city and troop decay is none existant (By Justme)

Post  Halvir on Wed Mar 20, 2013 7:26 am

After i built 23 lvl9 farms, fertilizer lvl9, 9 lvl 10 food wilds, hero lvl100 and i was just above 1 mil might i realized i cannot increase might any further and still produce enough food for troop upkeep with 1 city. So here is what i do - i keep the food stock on zero (the troops eat it anyway very quickly). So i only need food for new troop training, building upgrade and research. Large quantities of food are needed only for troop training anyway. Every time i farm or get from bank/other players significant amounts of food i imediately use it in the training que. of course it gets a little more difficult as the gap between production and upkeep grows, because any unused food stock is consumed by existing troops very quickly. Slow idle population growth is also annoying. If you are a little careful you wont waste large amounts of food. I didnt notice any troop decay if i keep the existing troops on zero food stock. For me this system works just fine, because i dont want to pay for a second city deed and i managed to grow to almost 6 mil might on 1 city and no food for the troops.

Another argument in favour of non existant troop decay - take a look at players with 6-7 mil might. That would require an upkeep of about 4 mil food / hour. I do not belive anybody can produce and/or farm so much food. Questin for players with 2 cities - did anyone notice troop decay in their troop city where they most likely keep their troops on zero food?

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