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Nglorius Bstrds Coords Empty Nglorius Bstrds Coords

Post  LordRamy on Sun Feb 10, 2013 12:54 am

NGLS Coords :

3.226////Kim////0 mights ( would be nice to farm everyday lol )
53.189////River////18K mights
103.228////Gnome////256K mights(new)
110.193////Akarus////213K mights
118.168////Warriorcode////28K mights
120.152////Malgore////54K mights
122.145////Lincoln////84K mights
128.160 (DBEngima only his wilds search around them and if u saw his city let me know !! )
130.151////Betrolls////1K mights
131.167////Reid////172K mights
133.156////Marvic////108K mights
133.178////nimir////136K mights
156.182////Steph////9K mights(new)
167.793////Philli////297K mights(new)
169.243////Starof////48K mights(new)
169.241////Jalord////60K mights(new)
207.775////King////67K mights
281.796////Malil////111K mights(new)
300.775////Dorrin////0 mights(new)
403.171////Jessfiness////576K mights
516.788////Rusty////0 mights(new)
543.83////Bolland////22K mights
585.774////Tauriel////6K mights(new)
636.799////c3n////60K mights(new)
686.60////Lunyslim////22K mights
788.269////Oloff////77K mights
793.276////cdub////284K mights

Any new coords plz send it to me , Happy War Time !! War Officer "RAMY"


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