How to play? Training troops (Assign your highest hero to the 'training' position for faster training)

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How to play? Training troops (Assign your highest hero to the 'training' position for faster training)

Post  Halvir on Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:51 pm

For those unaware tier 1 troops are the top 4 in the training list, tier 2 are the next 4 and the last 4 are tier 3. Note the attack, life, speed and carrying capacity stats of each troop. So what should I train you ask?

People who attack a lot should use t1 troops and a high lvl hero, build t1 troops while your online to replace those lost during the fights, then queue up t2 troops overnight to maximize might gain. This gives a good balance between fighting ability and might gain. T1 are the fastest to build but use up lots of rss.
How to train troops: The most efficient way to train troops is to train an equal amount of each of the same tier at once. This makes all your resources drop equally and you will reduce the chance of having one resource run out while another has lots left. Additionally, if you start with uneven resources, then choose the troops that require less of the resource you are short off!
Tier 3 troops bring you to a whole new lvl. they have a high might, but take long to build. Cause it's easy to fill you queue with t3, then be stuck for a long time!

I repeat, when online, produce t1 troops only if you are a fighter! If going offline for just a couple hours set up t2 troops and during work, school, or sleeping, train t3 troops. The idea is that your troop queues never stop and you have the troops you need when your online! T3 troops take a long time to train, so don't train them when your low on t1! Eventually you'll find t3 troops not useful for fighting as the might loss is way to large! They are used as a steady base might! So you keep up a fancy might!
Fighting with a high hero is typically done with t1 and a few t2 troops!

- If you're low on wood, build ranged.
- If you're low on stone, build mounted.
- If you're low on ore, build foot soldiers.

Happy troop training and become a real badass!!


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