How to play? Farming/scouting your surroundings

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How to play?      Farming/scouting your surroundings Empty How to play? Farming/scouting your surroundings

Post  Halvir on Fri Feb 08, 2013 11:48 pm

My personal advice for awesome farming is to find some high lvl inactives near your location. These people have zero might and will not put up a fight. Bookmark their locations and visit them regularly;). This way u will have a buttload of rss at any time and don't even have to lose might in the proces. (in my case i can score about 1mil of each rss a day if I'm in a farming mood) Happy mugging the locals!

The fastest and easiest way to, 1 become a farmer and, 2 piss off your neighbors is to use the multiple cart attack pattern. Get your great hall and muster points up to at least lvl 7 and then do the following. Go around your neighbors and attack every single one of them with a cart at the same time. Use up all heroes except you high hero. Within a few minutes you will have a good indication of what the 6 locations are like rather than to scout first, wait and attack. Each cart or wagon attack will give info of what you will be up against. If they have wall defenses, if their troops are hidden and if they have resources over protection limits! Then based on these results decide to attack or not.

No wall, hidden troops and no resources means move on to the next, wall defenses means easy troop kills with a high hero, and unhidden troops means an easy zero if he's not too strong!. If you get any resources without defense, go in with an attack with multiple cart or wagons to steal a larger amount of resources!


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